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Skins returns for series 5!

Skins returns for series 5!

Are you ready for the long awaited BAFTA-winning British teen drama?

Well thankfully the wait is over, Skins is back for a fifth series with a clean slate of an all new cast. Famous for the sex, drugs and rock and roll Skins returns to our screens this week, Thu 27 Jan, 10PM on E4.

As we all know Skins follows a group of teenagers on their journey through sixth form. This third generation of Skins includes the characters Grace, Matty, Franky, Mini, Nick, Rich, Liv and Alo.  The characters are played by Dakota Blue Richards, Alexander Arnold, Sean Teale, Sebastian De Souza, Will Merrick, Laya Lewis, Freya Mavor, and Jessica Sula, five of which were chosen from a group of seven thousand hopefuls at last year’s open auditions.

Other than the controversial plot lines Skins brings the viewers cutting edge fashion all put together by one inspiring stylist Edward K Gibbon. Check out how he creates his diverse looks at the links below:

Missing the old cast? Well other than the television series Skins have revealed on the E4 website that there will be a film which is currently in pre-production as we speak. The film will be based on the second generation of Skins but the first and third generation will make appearances.

If you can’t get enough of skins why not check out the Skins Tour with artist such as Mona, Morning Parade, Pulled Apart by Horses and The Wombats, you’d be crazy to miss out. To find out more check out the official website below:

WORDS: Laura McPherson